Talk at the Workshop on Variational Analysis with Applications

Title: Outer limits of subdifferentials for min-max type functions
Date and Place: Workshop on Variational Analysis with Applications, 13–14 December 2016, PolyU (Hong Kong)
Abstract: Outer limits of subdifferentials is a limiting construction that can be used to estimate the error bound modulus. We present some new result related to the evaluation of such limiting subdifferentials for max-type and min-max functions.

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Workshop on Metric Bounds and Transversality (WoMBaT 2016)


The meeting will be held in Melbourne (RMIT City Campus, room 8.9.66) on 24–25 November.

The topics of the workshop include error bounds, metric (sub) regularity, Aubin property and calmness, transversality of collections of sets, subdifferential characterisations and applications of these properties to estimating the convergence of fundamental optimisation algorithms. Our keynote is Professor Marco Lopez from the University of Alicante, Spain, who is visiting Australia in November.

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