Talk at New Trends in Optimization and Variational Analysis for Applications, Quy Nhon

The NewTOVAA conference is organised in honour of Prof. Michel Théra on his 70th birthday. I gave an updated version of my talk on facial structure.

Dates 7-10 December 2016
Location: Quy Nhon University, Vietnam
Title: Facial structure of convex sets
Abstract: The facial structure of finite dimensional closed convex sets can be unexpectedly complex. I will talk about the dimensions of faces of closed convex sets and some interesting questions that arise from the study of this topic. I will also talk about characterising the regularity of facial arrangements such as facial exposure and facial dual completeness that arise from applications.

This talk is based on joint work with
Tian Sang (RMIT University)
Levent Tunçel (University of Waterloo)
and David Yost (Federation University Australia).

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